The problems on your foundation are basically, the outcome of moisture. It expands when the soil gets wet and it contracts when the soil dries out. In addition to that, this movement may cause the home foundation to shift. The effect of this combined with some seismic zones wherein the movements of the earth cause the increase of instability of the soil. The proof of the foundation issues is actually visible in the inside and the outside of your home and also, in the ground surrounding your home, as well as the foundation itself.  


Misaligned Windows and Doors 

The contractors who installed the windows and the doors of your home made sure they were upright and perfect, so if they misalign of some sort, it is certainly due to the shifting of the foundation. The indications that the door is misaligned are that it does not latch, swings open or it sticks. On the other hand, the windows are hard to open or for some serious situations, there are cracks on the glass. The window and the door issues in some particular portions of your home may alert you to an issue with your foundation under that part, most especially if accompanied by issues with the floors or walls of your home. 

 Cracking Walls and Sloping Floor 

The sloping floor is one of the most accurate indications which you can tell that your foundation below it has already been settled however, the slope cannot be apparent, especially if your floor has carpets. If there are no carpets in your floor, placing a marble or a small ball on your floor and see where it rolls will provide you with some good ideas of the pitch and the direction of the slope. The drywall seams most of the time crack below the stress of the settling foundation, usually around the windows and doors. Aside from that, you can also observe gaps between the walls and the baseboards as well as the popped drywall nails. The baseboard, on the other hand, can also be misaligned or loose at the seams. 

Exterior Bulging and Cracks 

Small cracks are usually common in brick or concrete walls, footings and other buildings however, the huge cracks which perhaps follow a usual pattern needs to be investigated, especially if they seem to be getting larger and larger. Step patterns in the concrete footers could simply mean that the ground under or behind them is unevenly settling. Furthermore, if the sighting along your foundation walls reveal bulging, it can also be a sign of shifting. The chimney is not the first area which most people observe for signs of foundation issues but if it is already cracked, it is an indication of shifting in its framing which starts with your foundation. 

Other Signs of Poor Foundation 

Most houses in temperate climates usually have concrete perimeter foundations however, stand on a structure of beams and posts. If the inspections show that some of them are quite leaning, it is a sign that your house has already shifted its place.  If that’s the case, you will be needing the help of a professional foundation repair Wichita Falls TX.